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VevoCart Website Integration Guide

This document explains integration guidelines for using VevoCart as shopping cart and payment in your e-commerce website or your website.

Toppage.png Overview

VevoCart can generate a link button or iframe of each product and merchant can copy the html code put into merchant's website. When your customers click the button, the product will add to the shopping cart in VevoCart website.

Merchant must install VevoCart and VevoPay applications to your website such as your website is and VevoCart website is

Toppage.png Button Type

This is the button formats that generate in product detail page.

A tag
<a href=”[VevoCartURL]/AddToCart.aspx?ProductID=[ProductID]”>Add to cart</a>
<iframe id="..." runat="server" src=”[VevoCartURL]/AddToCart.aspx?ProductID=[ProductID]” ></iframe>

Toppage.png Generating Button Code

Login to the admin panel -> Select “Catalog” tab -> Select “Products” menu


Click “Edit” button and select “Others” tab


You need to select store link type for generate html code.


Copy the link or modify link such as add text or more image then paste the link to your website page.

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